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Why Choose a Midwife?

Our midwives believe the answer lies in their name -- midwife means "with woman". Our midwives listen to women, talk with women and take an active role in women's health & wellness. That is why so many women return to our midwives for subsequent pregnancies and well woman care.

Long before the medicalization of childbirth, midwives have been attending women in labor and birth. Midwifery is a traditional art that has been handed down from generation to generation and is focused on helping women in childbirth and healing.

Today's Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM) are registered nurses who have completed advanced educational training in a nurse-midwifery program approved by the American College of Nurse Midwives and have passed a national certification exam. Certified Nurse Midwives are licensed in all 50 states and are required to participate in continuing education programs.

Midwives are known primarily for their care of women throughout pregnancy and childbirth, however, the scope of midwifery also includes well woman exams, gynecological and breast exams, family planning and contraception, PAP testing and infection screening, perimenopausal care and primary care.

Many women chose midwifery care because midwives honor birth as a healthy normal process and encourage woman to take an active role in healthcare decisions for themselves and their families. Midwives care for the family as a unit, spend more time with women during office visits, emphasize preventative education and provide emotional support. Studies have proven that midwifery care reduces infant mortality, reduces the incidence of low birthweight, cesarean delivery, episiotomy, the use of epidural anesthesia, and increases the success rate of vaginal birth after cesarean section.

The Women's Center OB/GYN practice is proud to offer women the first fully integrated physician/ nurse midwife practice in the Chester County area. This means that women can choose independent mid wifery care, physician care, or a combination of both for obstetrical and gynecological services. Make an appointment to meet our midwives!